Monday, February 14, 2011

College, College, College...

Possibly the biggest decision I'll have to make in my life, atleast up until this point... What to major!! It's funny how life creeps up on you. My entire life I have molded my education to fit a major in the Computer Engineering industry. I have taken magnet and academic classes in computer technology/networking, was president of computer club for 2 years, even won 1st place in regional competitions for computer maintenance. Yet, senior year strikes and here I am, questioning my major in utter bliss. I think about how bad I am at math, (and I mean, baaaad... 2+2=what?)and how although I love computers, I hate the networking aspect of it- and although I love technology in general, theres little niche's that I just don't like having to deal with. Its a questionable major.. I've also thought about Psychology, then again I wouldn't half-ass it, so I would go all the way and get a PhD. But by the time I graduate, I'd be 30! Fashion Design would be amazing, but its hard to make it big and I hate pinching myself with needles. I also thought about a Business major, but every time I see money hungry men in suits talking about their latest investments and numerical statistics in products they care nothing about as long as they sell- makes me sick. I even considered LAW at one point, because I know I would be great at winning cases, but I would hate to have such a black/white lifestyle that doesn't feed my inner creative kid. SO! I'm strongly considering Journalism and Mass Communication. I love writing, and I would be able to mold my major towards a particular category over time and write about any one of my passions. Choosing a major is like a forced introspection of oneself. You really have to dig deep into your habits and likings from when you were a small child up until now, and analyze the balance between what makes you happy and what you're good at. It's really not as easy as it sounds! I just know that whatever I decide to major in, I'm going to be a beast at. :)

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